Oil and Gas Litigation

Legal battles involving mineral ownership, development, operations, production, and revenues are common occurrences in an energy state like Texas, and FSC is no stranger to these kinds of disputes.

From the beginning we’ve helped interest owners, investors, operators, and exploration and production companies navigate through the minefields that can crop up in the oilfield, in Texas and beyond.

Walker Friedman's team has been actively involved on behalf of royalty owners in disputes with Chesapeake and its affiliates concerning underpayment of royalties due to, among other things, unreasonable and improper charges. We also analyze possible violations of continuous-production requirements, pooling and unitization clauses, and other lease provisions beyond those implicating royalty payments.

Whether in the Barnett Shale or elsewhere, we aggressively pursue lessors' and landowners' rights to receive all mineral royalties to which they are entitled.

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