A top-notch litigation practice requires a top-notch staff, and FSC is proud not only of its ability to find the best, but also of its ability to keep them. In a mobile world, where talented people can easily move from firm to firm, staff longevity is one of the surest markers of a well-run office.

Amanda Ramsey, our firm administrator, joined the firm in 2001 as the legal assistant to Walker Friedman and Christian Tucker. In her current administrative role, Amanda has calmly and cheerfully overseen lawyer and staff changes, technology improvements and expansions, and everything else that goes into the making of a 21st-century legal practice. Receptionist Kelly Evans joined the firm in 1997 and in 1998, both Cindy Dunn—paralegal for Jon Suder, Mike Cooke, and the entire IP-litigation side of the firm—and Dawn Putnam, Jon’s legal assistant, came on board. The firm would not be the same without these four as they each have contributed 20+ years of hard work keeping Friedman, Suder & Cooke at its best.

Other crucial members of our staff include paralegal Cathy Daus and office assistant Cathleen Peace who have been with the firm 10+ years. Legal assistants Marsha Singleton and Kimbra Bradshaw joined the firm in 2021.