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Sports Law

Championing the Business of Sports

FSC excels in navigating the complex interplay of sports and business, ensuring your venture thrives from legal start to finish.

Practice Areas

Sports Law

The firm’s sports law practice touches all aspects of the intersection of sports and business – from intellectual property matters (trademarks, copyrights, and patents) to the ever-evolving world of Name, Image and Likeness college athletics representation to helping small sports-centered businesses with their legal needs from start to finish. FSC’s previous clients in this area range from minor league baseball teams, to upstart basketball programs, NIL collectives, to golf equipment and baseball bat manufacturers.

In the competitive sports world, your business needs every edge it can get. FSC has the experience and the dedication to anticipate legal needs, protect every aspect of your business, and keep your team in the game. The industry has recognized FSC’s experience in this area by awarding Glenn Orman, the chair of FSC’s Sports Law department as a “Top Lawyer” award in the “Sports Law” field.

From litigation, to business development, to protecting ever-important intellectual property in the sports field, our firm has the niche experience you can count on to make sure your company’s legal needs are met.

Attorneys That Practice Sports Law

Glenn S. Orman

Secure Your Victory with Our Sports Law Experts

Step into the winner’s circle with FSC’s comprehensive sports law expertise. Whether you’re dealing with intellectual property, NIL negotiations, or starting a sports-centered business, our dedicated team is ready to safeguard your interests and keep you ahead of the game. Reach out today to secure the legal advantage your sports business deserves.

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