FSC was founded by experienced litigators who saw the value of a concentrated boutique practice that didn’t try to be all things to all people, and so from the beginning the focus was clear-eyed: advise and guide clients through every facet of the litigation process, whether that meant anticipating and avoiding a lawsuit, or aggressively protecting and advancing our clients’ legal rights in court.

But not every type of lawsuit. FSC’s founders all had years of experience dealing with complex civil litigation—primarily in the business, commercial, oil and gas, and trust and estate context—and we’ve largely kept that core focus. Recognizing early on, though, the legal import of lightning-quick technological changes throughout the 1990s, we added and have continued to expand one further area, that of patent and intellectual-property litigation.

Because we’ve represented both plaintiffs and defendants in various matters, we understand the strategies and tactics unique to both sides of a lawsuit. We’re also poised to look at the bigger picture, having close working relationships with carefully chosen non-litigators, experts in their fields, for those times when pursuing or defending a lawsuit involves considerations beyond simply a good old-fashioned courthouse win.