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Friedman, Suder & Cooke Obtains Tarrant County Jury Verdict for Fraud and $1 Million in Punitive Damages

By November 17, 2022No Comments

On behalf of its client, Michael Urbach, FSC obtained a unanimous jury verdict against Patrick Earles for negligent misrepresentation, fraud, and conspiracy on November 15, 2022. The evidence demonstrated that Mr. Urbach gave Mr. Earles $300,000 to purchase a healthcare entity’s stock, that Mr. Earles fraudulently used Mr. Urbach’s money for his own benefit and never delivered the stock. The jury awarded over $1 million in compensatory damages, recognizing Mr. Urbach’s lost opportunity to profit from the stock, the value of which skyrocketed over a two-year period.

Additionally, the jury unanimously agreed that Mr. Earles’ fraudulent conduct warranted punitive damages be assessed against him. The jury awarded Mr. Urbach an additional $1 million in exemplary damages recognizing the abhorrent nature of Mr. Earles’ conduct.

Mr. Urbach was represented by lead counsel, Jeff Parks, and Jonathan Suder at trial. Afterwards, Mr. Urbach said he was relieved, felt like an enormous burden had been lifted off his shoulders, and was grateful that a jury agreed Mr. Earles defrauded him.

Suder, as a founding shareholder of FSC commented “Congratulations to Jeff in taking the lead on this case and becoming the last member of our group within FSC to obtain a seven-figure verdict in a jury trial, whether it be in state court or federal court, in Texas and throughout the United States. And thank you to Michael for believing in FSC and our jury system.”

Michael G. Urbach v. Patrick Earles; 48th District Court, Tarrant County, Texas

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